IAME Euro Series: Thrilling Battles Unfold in Franciacorta!

Published on Wednesday, July 5, 2023

IAME Euro Series: Thrilling Battles Unfold in Franciacorta!

Round 3 of the IAME Euro Series took place for the first time in the series’ history at the Karting track of Franciacorta, with 207 drivers from around the world competing in X30 Mini, X30 Junior, and a sold-out X30 Senior category.

Competitors from all corners of the globe showcased their skills on the challenging Franciacorta circuit, engaging in intense battles for positions. With 58 drivers in X30 Junior, 44 in X30 Mini, and a sold-out grid of 107 in X30 Senior, the event promised close wheel-to-wheel action and crucial points on the line.

The weather added to the excitement, with rainy conditions during Friday's qualifying and early X30 Senior heats while Saturday brought dry and slightly cloudy skies for the rest of the qualifying heats, with the Sun coming out for Sunday's Superheats and Finals.

X30 Mini

In the fiercely competitive X30 Mini category, Gustavo Marques da Silva (EKO) emerged as the fastest during the qualifying practice session, closely followed by Jesse Phillips (Fusion Motorsport) and Mason Brooks (Fusion Motorsport). The qualifying heats witnessed intense battles, with Phillips displaying his prowess by clinching the top spot, accompanied by Jarlath Sayer (Fusion Motorsport) and Zack Zhu (KBK Competition). After the superheats it was still Phillips who maintained his dominance, while Dan Allemann (Spirit-Racing.ch) and Maxim Bobreshov (GGM Motorsport) showcased their skills to claim the following start positions for the final. In the final, Bosco Arias Chavarri (Team Driver Racing Kart) emerged triumphant, with Allemann securing second place and Lyuboslav Ruykov (Team Driver Racing Kart), completing the podium.

X30 Junior

Rocco Coronel (VictoryLane Karting) showcased his speed and skills during the X30 Junior qualifying practice, securing the top position. Tiziano Kuzhnini (Team Driver Racing Kart) closely followed in second place, with Harry Bartle (Croc Promotions) completing the top three. The qualifying heats witnessed a fantastic performance from Freddie Lloyd (Fusion Motorsport), claiming first place, while Coronel maintained his consistency. Cathal Clark (VictoryLane Karting) showcased his prowess, securing the third spot. In the superheats, Lloyd continued his strong performance, followed by Romeo Roussel (VictoryLane Karting) and Coronel. The final witnessed an exceptional display from Lloyd, clinching the top position, with Roussel securing second place and Harrison Mackie (Fusion Motorsport) completing the podium.

X30 Senior

The X30 Senior category witnessed intense competition with Evan Giltaire (Pb Kart) securing the top spot during the qualifying practice, followed closely by Henkie Kalteren(RSD karting) and Clement Outran (VDK racing). Outran showcased his skills during the qualifying heats, ranking first, while Giltaire maintained his consistency. Khali Atkins (CROC promotions) displayed a strong performance in the superheats, securing first place, with Giltaire and Sam Shaw(Premium Karting) closely behind. The finals witnessed an impressive performance from Eloi Gonzalez Moreno(Monlau Competicion), claiming the win, followed by Ruben Moya(Pantano Racing Team) and Khali Atkins.

RGMMC's commitment to excellence and continuous advancements ensure that the IAME Euro Series continues to captivate participants and viewing audience alike, solidifying its position as one of the premier karting championships in the world. The stage is set for the thrilling conclusion of the series, where skill, strategy, and determination will determine the champions of the IAME Euro Series.

Championship Standings After Round 3

X30 Mini
1- Jesse Phillips (GBR) 78 Points
2- Archie Lovatt (GBR) 62 Points
3- Dan Alleman (CHE) 47 Points
4- Kanishk Rao (GBR) 42 Points
5- Max Endacott (GBR) 42 Points

X30 Junior
1- Freddie Lloyd (GBR) 88 Points
2- Rocco Coronel (NLD) 43 Points
3- Cathal Clark (GBR) 43 Points
4- Harry Bartle (GBR) 37 Points
5- Alexi Constant (BEL) 36 Points

X30 Senior
1- Ruben Moya (ESP) 62 Points
2- Khali Atkins (GBR) 62 Points
3- Sam Shaw (GBR) 52 Points
4- Edoardo Ludovico Villa (ITA) 44 Points
5- Sam Balota (BEL) 39 Points

See you at the Home of Champions!

With the third round complete, the championship now reaches its pivotal point, setting the stage for the final round of the IAME Euro Series at the Home of Champions in Genk. As the drivers gear up for the upcoming challenges, the competition intensifies, and the fight for the top spots in each category becomes even more intense. The top three finishers in X30 Mini, X30 Junior, and X30 Senior at the end of the season will earn well-deserved free entries for the prestigious 2023 IAME World Finals in Portimao, adding a heightened level of excitement and anticipation to the remaining races.


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