The spectacle of the IAME Warriors Final has begun in Adria

Published on Thursday, October 21, 2021

The spectacle of the IAME Warriors Final has begun in Adria

The world event by IAME kicked off in fine style in Adria on Wednesday, October 20th, with qualifying practice that named the first protagonists of this great international event. Several battles decided by thousandths of a second gave the first taste of what is ahead before the grand finale on Saturday: great challenges and competition among 300 best drivers selected from the national series of 29 countries. Five categories will be on track: namely, X30 Mini, X30 Junior, X30 Senior, X30 Master and for the first time this year also the shifter Z-I.    

X30 Mini – Luna Fluxa Cross (#103 Fusion Motorsport/KR-Iame-Komet)

IAME Euro Series X30 Mini champion from Majorca, Luna Fluxa Cross (#103 Fusion Motorsport/KR-Iame-Komet) posted a spectacular pole position lap in 56.532s during Session-1. She was 0.071s faster than her teammate from Great Britain Zac Drummond. The quickest of Session-2, Daniel Kelleher from Ireland posted also the overall best time in 56.245s, that was 0.012s faster than the Romanian David Cosma-Cristofor (#156 Fusion Motorsport/KR-Iame-Komet) and 0.015s than the Swiss Kilian Josseron (#162 Team Driver/KR-Iame).

X30 Junior – Ethan Pharamond (#212 Kosmic-Iame-Komet)

The fastest of the three sessions of X30 Junior was the French Ethan Pharamond (#212 Kosmic-Iame-Komet) in the second session. He completed his best lap after 51.211s pipping the Brit Henry Joslyn (#231 Mick Barrett/Reed Speed/Iame) by just 0.006s. The British driver Charlie Webb (#227 Fusion Motorsport/BirelART-Iame) set the fastest time in Session-1 in 51.348s, that was 0.047s quicker than the French Andy Ratel (#264 Reed Speed/Iame), while the Brit Macauley Bishop (#224 Oliver Rowland/Kosmic-Iame) was the quickest of Session-3 in 51.372s and was 0.054s clear of the Belgian driver Thibaut Ramaekers (#252 Eurokart/Exprit-Iame).

X30 Master – Thomas Ricci (#605 Tony Kart-Iame-Komet)

The only session of X30 Master was topped by the French Thomas Ricci (#605 Tony Kart-Iame-Komet) in 51.226s. He led the Irish driver Richard Faulkner (#633 Tony Kart-Iame), who was 0.196s shy of the lead and 0.002s clear of the French Maxime Bidard (#608 Red Speed-Iame).

X30 Senior – Elie Goldstein (#464 VDK Racing/KR-Iame-Komet)

Qualifying practice of X30 Senior and Z-I were run later in the afternoon. In the first session of X30 Senior the Belgian Elie Goldstein (#464 VDK Racing/KR-Iame-Komet) posted the fastest lap in 50.747s, but the Czech Republic female driver Tereza Babickova (#470 Tepz Racing Team/Tony Kart-Iame) was just 0.006s shy of the lead. Session-2 was dominated by the Italians Danny Carenini (#473 Autoeuropeo/Tony Kart-Iame), who topped the charts in 50.887s, and Edoardo Ludovico Villa (TB Kart/TB Kart-Iame), who was only 0.066s shy of him. The third session was led by the World Champion from Great Britain Callum Bradshaw (#408 Strawberry/Tony Kart-Iame) in 50.581s. He proceeded his fellow-countryman and teammate Aaron Walker by 0.210s. The Italian Federico Rossi (#474 PRK/Tony Kart-Iame) was third at just 0.002s.

Z-I – Moritz Ebner (#706 Tec Tav/BirelART/Iame-Komet)

The fastest time of Z-I was set by the Italian Moritz Ebner (#706 Tec Tav/BirelART/Iame-Komet), who completed his best lap after 48.681s and led the Swiss Thomas Cypers (#705 Mach1-Iame) by 0.269s and the other two Italian teammates Matteo Franco Segre (#719 OK1 Racing Team/OK1-Iame) by 0.355s and Mauro Simoni by 0.435s. 

The racing program will continue on Thursday and Friday with qualifying heats and Prefinals, while Finals will take place on Saturday, October 23rd starting from local 11:30. 


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